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Northwest Polygraph Examiners Association

Peer Review (QCR) Program


The Northwest Polygraph Examiners Association offers a unique service to the legal and polygraph communities. The NPEA will perform Quality Control Reviews, or Peer Reviews, of any polygraph examination performed by a properly trained and competent polygraph examiner.


These reviews are performed by the Association's most experienced examiners. The Association requires that members conducting these reviews have at least ten years experience as a polygraph examiner, have received a "Nationally Certified" Polygraph Examiner's Certificate, and have performed a minimum of 1000 polygraph examinations. 


The fee for this service is $250. If you are interested in having a peer review conducted by the Northwest Polygraph Examiners Association, contact:


Terry Ball

Secretary/Treasurer NPEA

16825 - 48th Ave West, Ste 218

Lynnwood, WA    98037


[email protected]


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